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The overall global travel industry is more than a $7 TRILLION business, and niche travel tours account for $6 billion of the yearly travel market. Every day thousands of people are setting out on specialized tours to learn more about their interests and to meet new and interesting people who share their passions.

If you love to travel and have the desire to lead a group of like-minded people to faraway (or nearby) places, then my Tour Organizer Training course is going to be just the resource you need to make this happen.

Am I the Luckiest Guy in the World?
I've got to think that I'm one of the luckiest people there is because I get to make a living by organizing and leading tours around the world, and I get to travel with great people at the best time of their lives, I mean hey, they're on vacation!

My name is Ralph Velasco and for the past 10 years I've traveled the globe leading specialized trips based on photography. In 2017 alone I planned, organized and led trips to more than 14 countries on 4 continents.

You don't need to be a photographer like me to lead tours though. Your potential clients are looking for travel options of all types -- yoga, culinary, architecture, history, cooking, bird watching, culture, music -- virtually any hobby/interest can be turned into a travel tour. 

Recently, I turned my vast experience organizing and leading more than 80 international trips, and over 100 domestic trips in the U.S., into a full on training program so that you won't have to make the same time consuming and costly errors I made when I started out.

The Get Paid to Travel course is a comprehensive 7 Module, 25+ Lesson program that will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to confidently plan, organize and lead your own tours for profit.

I can't wait for you to join me!

~ Ralph Velasco
Creator of Tour Organizer Training
7 Modules Packed with Over 25 Detailed Lessons Totaling 14+ Hours of Content!
Video Lessons Include...
Why a scouting trip is a must for a successful tour
Using your scouting trip to create buzz
How to price your trip for maximum profit
Making a connection with local tour operators
Planning an itinerary - when is too much not a good thing?
Marketing tips to sell out your trip in advance
And so much more....
What's Included...
Learn from Ralph's 10+ Years of Hard-Earned Experience
Shorten the learning curve and lead successful tours from the start.
Detailed Video Lessons
Everything you need to know to build a growing and profitable tour business.
Get Up and Running Quickly
These video lessons are designed to launch your business rapidly so you can be leading your first tour in little or no time.
BONUS: Private Facebook Group
Communicate and share with other current and aspiring tour organizers. This is a great place to ask questions about your tour ideas and to get support.
Try It Risk Free
Use the program risk free for 30 days. Watch the lessons and follow the instructions.

You're making an investment, and I'm looking for people who are serious about changing their lives and who truly want to make a living from travel.  So if you can honestly say that you've implemented all the advice my training program has to offer, and that it doesn't deliver the full value you were expecting, simply request a full refund. 

I can confidently make this guarantee knowing that if you do the work and put in the effort, my training will save you years of costly mistakes and pay for the course over and over again.

All the information is here for you to put into action.  Now invest in a change...get out and travel!
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"I had already started my company, and had led a couple of tours, before coming across the Tour Organizer Training course. I was so excited, as I felt it was exactly what I needed to reinforce that I was doing everything correctly. And that proved to be exactly true. There were some things in my processes that I was unsure about, but I learned that Ralph was doing them the same way.

For someone who has not yet begun tours, all of the information presented will be invaluable. And for someone who's already on their way, the worksheets and sample client emails are an enormous bonus. Thanks, Ralph!"

~ Kim Giovacco
(Tour Organizer Training course participant)

"Ralph is a professional, and it shows in his work. His tour organizer training course is comprehensive and answers many questions a tour guide will have. Take advantage of his expertise by enrolling."

~ Mary Valentine
(Tour Organizer Training course participant)

"Ralph really gives you the details you need to run successful tours."

~ Karla Fritz
(Tour Organizer Training course participant)
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